Sunday, July 10, 2011

Each city has it is own beauty

Since long time this subject is a topic for discussion among foreigners in Baku and Tbilisi. I saw, it was discussed even between tourists, who are just passing over these cities. The topic is: Which city is better, Tbilisi or Baku? I have an answer: Both of them! Each city has its own “good” and “bad” points, which are still subjective. I want to share my opinions here, why my answer is better. So, let us go.
I will write one negative for one city and then positive for other. Then, I will exchange their roles. I love both cities, but I will try criticizing both cities as much it is possible in objective way. So, my friends from Azerbaijan and Georgia don’t be upset. Try to be open-minded and respect my impressions. Here we go:
  1. Tbilisi has the great nature. Parks are very green (but not well constructed) and Botanical garden is one of the best ones, which I saw ever! Baku can envy to it. Parks in Baku are fake and more artificial. Of course, they are cleaner, more constructed. But, this is not the main point of the park. Parks should have silence for relaxing! No cars, no buzzes - only resting! I think in Baku I know just 2 parks like this. But in Tbilisi, they are really a lot of. May be, that is why people there are more flexible and in Baku people are more aggressive.
  2. Baku is the biggest constructed city in all Caucasus. For me, it was totally funny to hear, when Georgians were saying “Tbilisi and Batumi are under reconstruction”. People, what it is there are just 6 buildings, one bridge and one park (artificial one) and one Train Station. This is about Tbilisi. What happens in Baku are: 7 bridges, 7 tunnels, 100 buildings, dozen parks (artificial, still better than nothing), 3 Olympic centers, about 20 new roads, two new football stadiums: one with capacity 60 000 people (still in progress) and one with 15 000 (it is done), Reconstruction of Shafa stadium, 3 new metro stations, new complex for Eurovision with capacity of 20 000 people…. uff.. they are really many!
  3. Alcohol, water and products have better quality in Tbilisi. For example, in Tbilisi I was drinking water from the sink. I could feel, how it is clean. Really! For me this experience was totally new! I was happy, that I won’t spend money for buying water! Junk food always bad. But, in Baku, it is worst. Tbilisi has even better quality junk food. Sounds funny, but you feel it, when you eat. In Baku, what I call the products “BIG FAKENESS”! Even the products from other countries are becoming fake, when they arrive till Baku.
  4. Economically, if I would open a business, I would do it in Baku, in spite of there is huge monopoly. You think Tbilisi has no? It has also, but a bit less. What Baku got – it is clients with money! People have money to buy something. Money is somehow circulating, so you can run your business better. In Tbilisi I saw so many beggars, oh my God! Perspectives in Baku are more in this case, than in Tbilisi. Another reason is, that there are 4 million people, however in Tbilisi it is 1 million. As much people you got, that much potential clients you have! J
  5. People in Tbilisi are more open-minded and liberal. There people are more close to liberal values. Baku people for the moment, simply has no any close values to this. Also, Tbilisi is more international city.
  6. People in Baku are not so much into religion. This I consider as a positive point. In my opinion, Azerbaijanis in general are more liberal in religion way, rather than Georgians. Once, I have participated at one International Training Course. There was one Georgian participant Amiran, who said: All Georgians should be orthodox! WTF?! That was so funny for me, that I left commenting this quote of him. Another sad thing was that, many Georgians shared this opinion. It is not bad to be into religion for yourself, but never try to involve (or blame) others to it.
  7. Infrastructure, police, system are better in Tbilisi. Also possibilities for tourists are higher in Tbilisi. Baku police try’s always to find a reason, how to bust you on something. This makes you to be afraid from police. However, it should be opposite, we should trust to police. Police is not a ruling system; it is service for the people!
  8. In spite of police is terrible in Baku, but criminal is VERY low in Baku. In Tbilisi it has high numbers. I heard before it was even higher, than now.
  9. Entertainment: Tbilisi got disco clubs, strip bars and etc.
  10. In spite of Baku has no normal disco like in Tbilisi or even there is no Strip bars, pub life is stronger in Baku. There are 5-6 pubs, which I visit regularly. I have visited most of pubs in Baku. Live music exists almost in all pubs of Baku. For example, at Otto pub, there is live music EVERY DAY! This pub always full after 10:30 pm.
These are the main things, which I wanted to share with you people. My point is that: both cities are great. You just need to look to both of them in a different ways!
This is first blog post of mine. Here I wrote about two cities, but next topics should be about different thing. Thanks for your attention.