Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips on hitch-hiking or how people called differently "auto-stop"

What is hitch-hiking? – I guess, everybody heard about this term. It may be used sometimes as “auto-stop” in different countries (for example, Azerbaijan).

Hitch-hiking – is the great thing for a travelers, who are trying to move from point A to point B without paying any money, or, even if they pay, it will be little amount. This gives to drivers an opportunity to have a company, while they have a long/short distance road. Sometimes, drivers are stopping their car for hitchhikers (that is how called person, who is hitch-hiking) in order to be awake, while they are on road. At least, I had this in my experience.

I am not going to tell you all definition of hitch-hiking, I just want to clarify to some people, that this is NOT showing you as a poor person. Yes, sometimes, you do it with this reason, but believe me; I had the moments, when I have don

e it just for fun. Actually, most of the time, I have done it for fun. As I know, my friends have done it also for fun J

Now I would like to share with you the positive points “why to hitch-hike is a great idea?”

So.. here we go:

- You meet a lot of interesting people

- You will have new experiences (like, I was walking on highway under sun with 35 degree)

- You don’t spend money or even if you spend, it is little amount.

- Your trip is getting more interesting, like, you can sometimes ask from the d

river to stop his car and make a photo of nice places.

- You are learning how to deal with different people. Once, I stopped a car and guy was very angry. I just kept myself calm and talked with him nice. So, he liked us and took me more than he wanted. J

Of course, it has also negative points, like you risk with your life by entering to somebody’s unknown car. You always have to be careful.


Now I am gonna write some tips of hitch-hiking from my own experience:

- Always stay on a place,

where car can stop: try to learn some driving signs.

- Would be better to have always A4 papers with marker. This is in case; u can’t find a car with “ok”/hitch-hiking sign. You can always write on a paper the destination name.

- Always take a road, which has more car circulation. For example, in Azerbaijan to go to Gandja from Baku, would be better to take Kurdemir road. There is another road also, from Shamakhi, but it has less circulation from that road.

- Be ready always to walk. It is better to walk, if you don’t find a car after 15-20 minutes in one place. Basically, I always try to hitch-hike first 5 minutes by staying on one place. If nobody gives me any sign from his/her car, it means, I really need to change that place.

- Take with yourself a sleeping bag or at least put to your bag a jacket, no matter if you travel in summer. It is always possible, that you will not find car at all. Be ready to sleep outside. I slept 2 times in train station of the city and village of Romania.

- Try to hitch-hike before the evening comes. At least, before the darkness. Exactly because of this, I couldn't hitch-hike and slept at the train station

- When you go for hitch hiking, try to be not smelly and drunk. Take care of your cloth. In countries like Azerbaijan, they were taking me, exactly because I was not looking like person from village.

- Take a place, where cars a slowing down their speed. But it doesn’t means, u have to stay near traffic light. Go a bit further and stay there. Again, think also about the place for car stop.

- Always stay on the exit of the city. Try to not to do it in a national auto roads. Before it.

- Never stay near police car or police office. Also be far from the prostitutes, which are on the road. You will not believe may be, but they are really a lot of.

- When you hitch-hike, if people in the car shows you, that they will turn to an

other side, change your place. It means, go a bit further. For sure, there will be the place, where you will see intersection of roads. Stay on your own road. I don’t know, if my English was enough to explain this for you, let me show you one example: You are planning to go to Bucharest from Sibiu city. The road after 20 15kms is separating to two sides: Brasov and Bucharest. In this case, I advice you to take even Brasov car to go till that intersection and stay on your road. After that, for sure you will find a car.

- If your road has big distance and car takes you for short distance, take it. But, if it is coming evening already, better to not take. As when you will leave that car, it will be darkness, so the cars will not stop. On this case take only direct cars.

- When you are in the car, talk only on that case, if the driver talks. Yes, you can try to ask questions like “are you from that city?”, and if driver starts to talk nicely, then go on. If he doesn’t talks, 80% that he expects money from you.

- Yes, about money. If you are not planning to pay at all, say it from the beginning: I have no possibility to pay you. Believe me, there are always good people on the road.

- 2 persons – ideal for hitch-hiking. 1 is boring, 3 is many. But both of them are possible. Also, one girl and one guy – is perfect.

There are really a lot of tips, which you will learn by experience. Try hitch-hiking – this is really adventures!